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Sunday, April 03, 2005

How to tell the sex of a visitor to your website?

WARNING : ADULT CONTENT... above 18 only.

I actually got 90 hits on my blog yesterday (April 2). I wonder what caused it ?!

That set me .. and more importantly, M, thinking about how many of them were heterosexual females, since that is the species I am on the lookout for. M suggested that I put something up on the website that would decipher that info for me.

So here it is - the first audience-speak of this blog. Dear readers, please remember to read all the comments and append your idea at the end. If you want to, please leave your email address behind in the comment, so that due credit (or brickbats) can be given.

Here's my idea #1:
Post a link to "sexy pictures of [insert name of hot female celebrity here] " on the blog. Then count ratio of visiters who visit the link. The only problem is that lesbian girls may also click on the above. But come to think of it, I should not care about it since they won't be interested in me anyways :-).

Idea #2: Post a link to "online window shopping". The number of visiters going to that link should give a pretty close estimate of the number of females visiting the site [or is this a mere lower bound, since some guys might also be interested in shopping (ewwwww) ].

Finally, and the best (?) idea:
Just put a poll on the site saying "are you male or female?". Trust in people's honesty, and assume that the number of whackos giving wrong answers is the same across the sexes. Then the anomalies will cancel each other out and we have the answer to the question about my life, universe and everything.

So, dear reader, how did you like this one... crazy huh?

I know all the above methods have loopholes. Maybe a method that uses a combination of the above strategies will work best. I don't know. Do you?

Please do post your comments and let others know what you think about this. I am sure this will help a lot of people who have their blogs :D. Also let me know if you have thought about this problem before.

waiting for comments... and signing off.
P.S. So, what is your sex?